SABIOD is streaming the sounds from north Canada Orcalab, we will display Orca detectors on line in the 3D interface

Play here with SABIOD 3D interface that represents Orcalab area (West Canada) and follow the Orca by their song (data is property of Orcalab).
Fig.:3D interface that will represent ORCA SONG classification (ready in february 2016...)

Clics de dauphins du Canal de Puyuhupai, Chili, mai 2021

Présentation d'un projet international d'étude des émissions sonores des dauphins de la Patagonie chilienne, réalisé en mai 2021, dans le fjord de Puyuhuapi, près de Puerto Cisnes, région de Aysen.
Bouée Bombyx

Extrait de l'émission 13h15, le samedi diffusée sur France2 le 19/06/2021.
Hydrophones : Des mammifères sur écoute

Émission Positive Outre-Mer sur Public Sénat,
Mars 2021
Le clan des cachalots

Extraits du documentaire le clan des cachalots rediffusé sur Arte début 2021.
Quiet Sea - Sphyrna Odyssey

Extraits de l'émission Thalassa diffusée le 15/11/2020 sur France 3
Humains / non-humains

Rencontre organisée dans le cadre du cycle Le son des autres, Centre Pompidou, 25 juin 2018.
Avec Hervé Glotin (LIS), Thierry Lengagne (LEHNA), animée par Philippe Le Guern (Université de Nantes)
Orques en péril (extrait)

diffusé sur Arte en septembre 2020
La nature sur écoute

J.Sueur et H.Glotin,
Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle,
Mars 2016
Extrait du JT le 19H - MonacoInfo
14 Août 2020
Quiet Sea - Sphyrna Odyssey

presented by Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco, support of this mission.
June, 2020
Excerpt of JT 19/20 Provence-Alpes
7th June, 2020
Quiet Sea - Sphyrna Odyssey

Sound barrier, May 2020

Also viewable on Youtube.
Excerpt of TF1 JT 20h
4th May, 2020
Quiet Sea - Sphyrna Odyssey

Tursiops Truncatus, Toulon, April 2020

Also viewable on Youtube.
Excerpt of 28 Minutes - ARTE
Jan, 31, 2020
Opening of DOCC10 challenge at Collège de France
Jan, 29, 2020
Excerpt of Journal de 20h - France 2
Jan, 26, 2020

La bioacoustique des cachalots

Reportage CNRS / Le Monde,
June 2019.
Excerpt of Méditerranée by Jérôme Espla - France 3 - 2019
Excerpt of Journal de 13h - France 2
June, 4, 2018

The BOMBYX sonobuoy UTLN / IUF

is now recording whales crossing Port-Cros National Park

JASON Project

(Joint Acoustic Survey ONline)
See details.

Virtual reality of the 3D tracking of Chiroptera computed from passive acoustics

You watch the bat from one of four microphone, you may perceive the sonar orientation effect...
See YouTube ERMITES Summer School videos.

Mare Nostrum Project

Two young scientists set off in July 2013 from the Strait of Gibraltar and will be rowing all the way to Istanbul, by sea kayak (10,000Km, 18 months). SABIOD equiped them with a high quality hydrophone. Each day, from their kayak, they assess the cetacean and human undersea sounds, including the increasing marine traffic nuisances. Thus, SABIOD will map these acoustic activities at the mediterranean scale for the conservation of endangered species.

SABIOD project for Pelagos cetacean sanctuary

from Thalassa (France 3), April 2013. Also viewable on YouTube.

SABIOD project for Pelagos cetacean sanctuary shown in February 2013 at Oceanographic Museum of Monaco.

(excerpt from France 3)
Also viewable on YouTube.

SABIOD for Przewalski's horses survey in Thorenc Parc

(excerpt from France 5 movie, 2012) Also viewable on YouTube.

H. Glotin interviewed in Thalassa (France 3), April 2012.

H. Glotin interviewed in EXPLÔ (France Ô), April 2012.

Principles and publications on multiple animals (whale or other) 3D tracking. Some demo and video for several applications are below:

Demo 1.

Passive acoustic ONCET tracking of Physeter Macrocephalus, recorded in Bahamas.
See details.

Demo 2.

Passive acoustic ONCET tracking of Physeter Macrocephalus, recorded in Bahamas (older representation).
See details.

Demo 3.

Simultaneous tracking of four Physter Catodon using real NATO records (Bahamas). You listen to the hydrophone 1 (top right), and you see the four whales (one color for each) moving during 25 minutes.
See details.