Crowdsourcing and Crowdsolving in action in SABIOD

Marine Crowdsourcing

  • - In july 2015, TARA expedition starts from Brest to record for SABIOD Humpack whale songs in Iceland and Groenland seas, during all the summer (see map).
  • - In mai 2014, TARA expedition starts from Toulon to record for SABIOD each day, from may to december 2014, bioacoustic activities in Mediterranean sea (see map, news article).
  • - EXPEMED did record with our C55 kit on summers 2011 and 2012 mediterranean expeditions.
  • - ETIKEKO did record from march 2013 to august 2013 from their Ketch bioacoustic activity from Toulon to Sicilia, using our C55 recording kit.
  • - MARENOSTRUM did record from their Kayak, each day, 3 monthes of bioacoustic activity near the coast, from Toulon to Naples, from december to march 2014. For this purpose we build a mini recording kit. This short video (3 min. ogg Google Chr.) gives sounds of shrimps and boat noises recorded by MareNostrum, and also somme illustrations of dolphins emissions.
  • Terrestrian Crowdsourcing

  • - A large scale recording is starting in the Alpes with our Italian partner (Cibra Pavia univ.), in summer 2014.
  • - A mission to Amazonia forest in french Guyana CNRS station is starting in september 2014.
  • - LifeClef Bird Challenge co-org. Sabiod is based on Crowdsourcing on bird song from all south America, 2014: 500 species, 2015: 1000 species, 2016: 2000 species (see event page). We develop crowsolving methods to tackle the state of the art on species classification, like on Kaggle interface for Bird challenge we co-organized with LifeClef lab in 2014, and with a local websource for 2015.
  • - My City, my Bats project This crowdsourcing project consists of installing networks ultrasonic sensors on the scale of a city and its suburbs to study the populations of bats that live with us. 100 to 200 sensors located in a town of about 300 km2 bring a revolutionary knowledge to bats experts. All species can be detected by the device. And we aim to combine a technological challenge (network communicating autonomous sensors) a real benefit in the field of management of biodiversity at the scale of a metropolis and finally an innovative educational dimension brought on a media increasingly used by the general public: the tablet computer.
    • Keywords:TARA, MARENOSTRUM, ETIKEKO, EXPEMED, Guyana, Italian alpes, Biodiversity