EADM overview

EADM, supported by GDR CNRS MADICS, organizes via its network several WORKSHOPS, SCHOOLS and international CHALLENGES in Environmental Acoustic Big Data Mining since 2015. It is piloted by Herve' Glotin and Frederic Precioso, with collaboration of Alexis Joly and Mark Asch Scientific officer for Math HPC.

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EADM poster at big data initiative CNRS oct. 2016

Slides March 2017 : manifestations 2017
Slides at big data initiative CNRS oct. 2016


- The NEW Challenge on clics of cetacean : DOCC10 with ENS ULM / CdF, 2 Go of selected clics !

- The 8th DCLDE challenge on whale sound classification is open, with 4 To High SR and 100 Go Low SR sets !

JASON - 600 000 Hz Sampling Rate Stereo JASON recordings of Univ. Toulon DYNI SMIoT records Physeters in Mauritus with expert diver F. Sarano. We then detail the BIOSONAR and emissions of Cachalot (current Phd Thesis of M. Ferrari, Dir H. Glotin and M. Asch).

- Call for participation: the BirdLifeClef 2018 lab co-org with EADM, INRIA, XenoCanto is open

We run this new bird challenge with complex and stereo soundscapes. The Data set will be an enriched with new contributions of the Xeno-Canto network and a geographic extension. It will contain 70K recordings covering between 1500 and 2000 species of central and south America. It will be the largest bioacoustic dataset ever used in the literature. As the soundscapes test samples appeared to be very challenging in previous years (with an accuracy below 30%), we will concentrate our new data production effort on that scenario, including new soundscapes recordings from LSIS BRILAM STICAMSUD amazonian expeditions. To better understand what makes state-of-the-art methods fail on such content, we will notably provide new test soundscape recordings containing time-coded bird species annotations. Contact: herve.goeau@cirad.fr, alexis.joly@inria.fr, glotin@univ-tln.fr

- New WORKSHOP : Environmental Big Data from Acquisition to Exploitation - Trends & Innovations

30th nov. & 1st dec. 2017 Univ Toulon: Talks, demonstrations, panel sessions Free but required registration on MADICS GDR EADM action
- DYNITAG, a crowdsourcing annotator interface. DYNI LIS CNRS Toulon team developped a back-end to manage multiple annotation and generate Json database of distributed online audio-annotation collaborative efforts. It is free, available on request for any project. annnnot

Internship 2018

- EADM supports the 8th Int. Detection, Classification, Localization, and Density Estimation of marine mammals using passive acoustics, UPMC, Paris, 4-8 June 2018. The DCLDE Workshop brings together researchers and engineers from universities, research institutes, government organizations, and industry, dealing with all aspects of acoustics, signal processing, pattern recognition, mathematics, and computer sciences applied to the study of the biology, ethology and ecology of marine mammals and also their environment and the potential effects of anthropogenic activities. A challenge is offered to compare methods, algorithms, and results. This time will be awarded the team that will best detect and classify the underwater acoustic environment.


- Chernobyl Bird Audio Detection challenge, with QMUL UK and MADICS. Detecting bird sounds in audio is an important task for automatic wildlife monitoring, as well as in citizen science and audio library management. The current generation of software tools require manual work from the user: to choose the algorithm, to set the settings, and to post-process the results. This is holding bioacoustics back in embracing its “big data” era: let’s make this better! In collaboration with the IEEE Signal Processing Society we propose a research data challenge for you to create a robust and scalable bird detection algorithm. We offer new datasets collected in real live bioacoustics monitoring projects, and an objective, standardised evaluation framework. MADICS EADM provides prizes for the strongest submissions. Summer 2017: Koos, Greece, Special session at conference, to present and discuss leading algorithms.

- 1500 species Large Scale Bird Classification - lifeClef 2017 is co-org by EADM. opens in nov. 2016.
You can have a look to the bird data complexity in the data used in our ENS Sorbonne Bird Challenge : 50 species, train dev and official test sets, you can submit your run to glotin@univ-tln.fr

- Our bird Data Science Sorbonne ENS Paris, co-organized by MADICS : 50 species. The Price Ceremony was in Inst. H. Poincarré Paris in June 2016 in presence of Fields Medal C. Villani. - We distribute the official data set, and you can submit your run to glotin@univ-tln.fr, you'll receive your score.

- To open soon: Challenge on environmental bioacoustic scaled index, from Alpin stereo soundscapes.


- LSIS team wins the BirdLifeClef 1500 bird species classification challenge : Audio Bird Classification with Inception-v4 extended with Time and Time-Frequency Attention Mechanisms, A. Sevilla and H. Glotin, LifeCLEF 2017 Dublin, Ireland

- Congrats to the winners of Bird Activity Challenge, given at EUSIPCO Koos sept. 2017


- EADM with National Research University Higher School of Economics, HSE, Moscow, and LIS CNRS proposes a H2020 project : Big data passive acoustic for Baikal lake (Озеро Байкал) Soundscape & Ecosystem Observatory [B2O]
- EADM with CPPM IN2P3, CIBRA Pavia univ., and DYNI LSIS, submit a project to Pelagos cetacean sanctuary to avoid whales anticollisions, sept. 2017.
- ALSEAMAR SA joins EADM to submit a project to Pelagos for ROV and massive bioacoustics, sept. 2017.
- Abysound FUI project with Naval Group and IFREMER, Semantic TS SA and LMA and LSIS CNRS start in 2017 on large scale environemental acoustic survey
- 2015-2018 : OSEAN SA joins EADM for Bombyx Survey of cetaceans in Port-Cros Area.
- EADM collected in summer 2017, 2 To of High Velocity (2 x 600 kHz Sampling Rate) STEREO recordings of the Amazon river soundscape. This program co-org of EADM, Explorama Lodge, Valencia college (USA) in Iquitos, and in Pacaya River with www.fundamazonia.org and STICAMSUD BRILAM, to monitor the two species of river dolphins (Inia geoffrensis and Sotalia fluviatils) and the rainforest canopy. In conjunction with CONAPAC, we established the Amazon Dolphin Acoustics Lab (ADAL) as a permanent bioacoustics research facility located 80 kilometers downriver from Iquitos. It allows to build, expose material for field experiments and to tourists basics of the bioacoustics.

Phd Theses

- Massive Biosonar recordings and inversion model for new sonar generation - DGA and Amiens region Phd Thesis, Maxence Ferrari, Codir M. Asch and H. Glotin, 2017-2020
- High Performance Computing for Blue whale monohydrophone localisation, Phd Thesis J. Patris, Codir M. Asch and H. Glotin, 2015-2018
- Semi-supervised Deep learning for bioacoustic monitoring, Phd Thesis, Vincent Roger, Codir F. Chamroukhi and H. Glotin, 2016-2019, with NORTEK SA

Workshops / Conferences

- New WORKSHOP : Environmental Big Data from Acquisition to Exploitation - Trends & Innovations 30th nov. & 1st dec. 2017 Univ Toulon: Talks, demonstrations, panel sessions Free but required registration on MADICS GDR EADM action

- EADM at Big data workshop HSE/Moscow 2016 and 2017

Big Acoustic Deep Learning : Best classifier of the 1500 Bird species & bird survey in Polluted areas, invited at the Big data workshop in Moscow, oct 2017

Bioacoustic Big Data & Long Term Monitoring of Marine Mammals from Toulon to Baikal, invited at the Big data workshop in Moscow, oct 2017

Scaled Bioacoustics for Biodiversity Surveys - Volume, Velocity, Variability - invited EADM presentation at the 1st Big data workshop in Moscow, dec. 2016

- EADM - LIFECLEF workshop at Trinity College (30 attendies) Overview of the task: LifeCLEF Bird Identification Task 2017, CLEF 2017 working notes, Hervé Goëau, Hervé Glotin, Willem-Pier Vellinga, Robert Planqué, Alexis Joly, LifeCLEF 2017 working notes, Dublin, Ireland
- EUSIPCO Special Session on Bird Audio Signal Processing Bird Audio Signal Processing Special Session at 25 th EUROPEAN SIGNAL PROCESSING CONFERENCE (EUSIPCO) 2017
- Understanding Bio-Acoustics, from Big Data Perspectves to Insights on Meaningful Call Segmentatons Pr. Marie Roch, San Diego Univ & Scripps Inst. USA
Movie of the conference / May 2017,Univ Toulon

- WORKSHOP : Learning Dense Environmental Acoustic Representations [LeDEAR], joint to ICLR, 27th April 2017,

Bioacoustic signaling is a primary mode of communication and exploration for most ot the animals. It enables quick load and hudge transfer of informations. This LeDEAR workshop aims to show the needs and to discuss the challenges to represent and extract this information from massive bioacoustic recordings. It is organized by the GDR CNRS EADM MADICS and is joint to the Int. Conference on Learning Representation. It will welcome attendees from Phd students to Ing., National Park managers or environmental data scientists.

Topics (not exh.): Learning optimal bioacoustic representations, Biosonar, Scattering for bioacoustics, Unsupervised bioacoustics, Large scale bioacoustic classification, Big bioacoustic data mining, Undersea bioacoustics, Forest monitoring, Joint metadata and bioacoustics for biodiversity management.

Prel. Schedule :
- 9h00 9h25 EADM MADICS paradigm : from high velocity to HPC framework for environmental survey (H. Glotin & F. Precioso I3S)
- 9h25 9h40 Challenges in bioacoustics (J. Ricard)
- 9h40 10h00 Deep Learning and Amazon Bird Survey - Life Clef Contest (Joly, INRIA)
- 10h00 10h20 Long Term Monitoring Cachalots of Toulon by HPC (Giraudet, Ricard et al. LSIS)
- 10h20 10h40 Ethoacoustics by tSNE (M. Poupard Glotin de Mongolfier)
- 10h40 11h00 BiGAN and BNP to Learn Bioacoustic Representation (Roger et al. UTLN)
- 11h00 11h30 Learning Dense Bioacoustic Representation (Balestriero et al. RICE univ)
- 11h30 11h40 Deep and Bioacoustics (Sevilla, UTLN)
- 11h40 11h55 JASON : Ultra High Velocity Multichan DaQ (Gies & Arlotto & Barchasz SMIoT)
- 11h55 12h10 Discussions, collaborative publication project

* 12h10 Lunch on the port of Toulon, followed by group discussions / writtings in the pub of the Port.

The discussions of this workshop will be driven to form a collaborative journal paper " Deep Learning for Bioacoustic Representation", to be submitted in a peer journal.
Audience : from bachelor to Pr, Tech to Ing, 35 attendees max (selected if more). Free but mandatory registration on MADICS.fr

Org. Committee : Glotin, Precioso (pres), Roger. Contact : Frederic.PRECIOSO @ unice.fr

Prog. Committee : Glotin (pres), Precioso, Joly, Paris, Giraudet, Gies, Arlotto, Roger, Balestriero.

- EADM worskhop "CyberForest and Sound Map, 20 years of Japan soundscape" co-org with Ecole Art Aix-en-Pce, nov. 2016

Program: Pr Kaoru SAITO (Dr, Professor,Leader of Cyberforest, Dep. of Natural Environmental Studies University of Tokyo), Dr Daisuke SHIMOTOKU (researcher Dep. of Natural Environmental Studies University of Tokyo), Dr Ayako TOKO (Tokyo University, Bunkyo-kua,) Dr Grant Smith (Sound Camp, London). Pr Herve Glotin (LSIS & EADM MADICS).

-EADM workshop "Bioacoustics in South America", Iquitos, Peru, aug. 2016, co-org with STIC AmSud , and STIC inst. for Peruvian Biodiversity, 20 participants

EADM at IIAP Photo: attendies of the EADM symposium hosted by the Instituto de Investigaciones de la Amazonía Peruana (IIAP) “Investigaciones en procesamiento de señales bioacústicas de delfines, cachalots, murciélagos y ballenas utilizando las TICS-EADM” in August 2016.

-IEEE Int. Workshop. in conj. with Int. Conf. on Data Mining (ICDM 2015) 'Environmental Acoustic Data Mining [EADM]', 14 nov. 2015, Atlantic City, USA.


- 1st internat. Bioacoustic Hackathon (by MADICS EADM) 26 & 27 october 2016 Toulon to solve in group some selected most difficult challenges in classification and tracking by passive acoustics of submarine BIOACOUSTIC TRANSIENTS - Free but mandatory registration, few places left (20 max). You will learn data mining for submarine sounds analyses, based on heterogeneous recordings of Physeter m. in Toulon within our projects like VAMOS BOMBYX NEWS: VAMOS CORPUS to detected whales...


- CALL for special Issue: Following a special issue edited in MTAP journal on Environmental Multimedia Retrieva 2015, we are pleased to inform you that we are working on a new book proposal entitled "Multimedia Tools and Applications for Environmental & Biodiversity informatics" to be published as an edited volume of MTAP journal (Springer Verlag). You are invited to contribute to this Book on the topics: automated biodiversity monitoring, environmental data analytics and search, multimedia tools for recording and exchange of data about organisms, etc. 30 June 2017 Deadline for manuscript submission; 30 September 2017 Deadline for submission of final revised manuscript; January 2018 Book Publication. Contact: alexis.joly@inria.fr

- EUSIPCO special session call fo paper : Chernobyl Bird Audio Detection challenge, with QMUL UK and MADICS. Detecting bird sounds in audio is an important task for automatic wildlife monitoring, as well as in citizen science and audio library management “big data” era. In collaboration with the IEEE Signal Processing Society we propose a special issue in EUSIPCO: Deadline for submitting bird detection algorithms Jan 2017: Notification of results Feb 2017: Submission of conference papers Summer 2017: Special session at conference, to present and discuss leading algorithms.

- ICLR 2017 : methods on learning representation on complex audio data will part of this major conference in Toulon
- EUSIPCO Special Session on Bird Audio Signal Processing Bird Audio Signal Processing Special Session at 25 th EUROPEAN SIGNAL PROCESSING CONFERENCE (EUSIPCO) 2017

- Gaël Richard, Tuomas Virtanen, Nobutaka Ono and Juan Pablo Bello, Hervé Glotin edit a special issue of the prestigious IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing. The topic of the issue is scaled sound scene and event analysis for indoor and outdoor environments, including applications in bio-acoustics. The call for papers is available from here. Manuscripts are due July 2016.

Previous SABIOD CNRS 2011-2016 actions

- IEEE workshop Environmental Acoustic Data Mining, at ICDM IEEE conf, Atlantic city, 2015

- Sabiod presents the 2nd European Alpine Bat Detector Worskhop, Grenoble Sept. 17-19 2015

- Sabiod opened the 10th Advanced Multimodal Information Retrieval int'l summer school / workshop ERMITES 2015: Big Data Sciences for Bioacoustic Environmental Survey, 21 & 22 april 2015, University de Toulon, Provence / french Riviera.

- Sabiod co-organizes the largest scaled bioacoustic bird classification challenge BIRD LIFECLEF 2015 wi th 1000 species, based on 33,000 CROWD-SOURCED audio records from the whole South-America (XenoCanto). This international challenge doubles the previous one we organized, and includ es it. in order to allow comparative studies (MAP computation on 2014 test set will be computed). The training and test set will be distributed mid january 2015. You'll be welcome to submi t runs until May. Contact: glotin@univ-tln.fr (Sample).

- Sabiod supports the Sea Explorer project, the first 5D bioacoustic lab catamaran for crowdsourcing soundscape monitoring.

- Sabiod co-organized the seminary Is Big Data Beautiful? Aix-en-Provence, dec. 2014.

- Sabiod was presented at the BIG DATA worskhop, french Ambassy Tokyo, with NII lab, nov. 2014.

- Sabiod supported the third workshop SERENADE 2014 (Acoustic Monitoring of the Marine Environment) in GIPSA-Lab, Grenoble, nov. 2014.
gipsa-lab logo

This technical workshop focuses on acoustical signal processing and its applications for the observation of marine environments. Principal topics of interest are processing and inte rpretation of underwater sounds in innovative ways for environmental, civil or defense purposes. The workshop will feature tutorials, 6 plenary sessions, talks and poster sessions d uring 3 days (most of the talks will be given in French)
The workshop SERENADE provides a fantastic opportunity to network with like-minded professionals. As a novelty, this third edition will highlight the topics of passive acoustic moni toring in river environments.

Sessions: The national issues of underwater acoustics in France; Acoustical signal processing; Geophony, biophony, anthropophony and the impacts of human activities on the environment; Passive acoustic monitoring for streams, flows, and river environments.

- Sabiod co-organized the citizen science conference (Fête de la science) Paris Aquarium Porte Dorée -Oct. 2014 Scaled monitoring of humpback whale in Madagascar (reportage).

ecoacoustics logo

- Sabiod supported the conference 'Ecology and acoustics: emergent properties from community to landscape': EcoAcoustics - Grande Galerie de l'Evolution, Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris, 16-18th june 2014 .

- Sabiod organized uLearnBio: Workshop on Unsupervised Learning from Bioacoustic Big Data @ ICML2014, june 2014, Beijing, China.

- Sabiod co-organized the 1st LifeCLEF 2014 Bird Identification challenge. It is based on 14K heterogeneous audio records of 500 species centered on Brazil. This challenge was the biggest ever organized, after the pionner ICML 2013 and NI PS 2013 bird challenges that SABIOD organized.

- Sabiod organized NIPS4B: Neural Information Processing Scaled for Bioacoustics, dec. 2013, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA.

- Sabiod organized the 1st Workshop on Machine Learning for Bioacoustics @ICML2013, June 2013, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.