The main objectives of this workshop are two-fold:

  1. Firstly, the workshop aims at bringing together experts from the machine learning and computational auditory scene analysis fields with experts in the field of animal acoustic communication systems to promote, discuss and explore the use of machine learning techniques in bioacoustics.
  2. Secondly, by presenting current approaches, their limitations and open problems in bioacoustics to the ICML community, this workshop will encourage interdisciplinary, scientific exchanges and foster collaborations among the workshop participants.

The proposed workshop is organized jointly by experts in the field of animal bioacoustics, digital signal processing and machine learning and depending on participation rates, it will take place over two days. The target audience covers researchers working in the fields of bioacoustics signal analysis and detection-classification, as well as researchers from the whole ICML community sharing an interest in real-world applications ranging from natural to cultural sounds. Given the combined participation of computer scientists and bioacousticians, the invited speakers will be asked to give talks with a tutorial character and make the covered material accessible for both communities.

A special technical challenge on automated computer recognition of bird and marine mammal sounds will be organized in order to foster a common, quantitative framework bridging the two communities, while creating an initial, open-access and standardized data library for the communities.

The proposal and all future additional information can be found on line at