Regular Paper submission:

We call for short (2-4 pages) and full (5-6 pages) paper contributions to the Machine Learning for Bioacoustics workshop using the ICML format guidelines.

Accepted papers will be available for downloading from the workshop's website Proceedings page and will be either presented as a 15min oral presentation or poster.
Short papers will be directly presented as posters.

Submission of full papers should be done using the system and should follow the ICML format guidelines.

Submission of short papers/extended abstracts should be done directly to the following In this case, authors are not required to use the ICML format guidelines, but can do so if they wish.

Technical Challenge submission:

Results on the test set of the technical challenge should be submitted using the Kaggle guidlines.

Although not required, working notes for the technical challenge should also follow ICML formatting guidelines. Submission of the working notes should be done directly to the workshop's email

Publication of Papers:

Extended versions of selected accepted papers will also be invited for inclusion in an edited book or high level journal with a similar topic as the workshop.