1st Listening for Aquatic Mammals in Latin America Meeting

Currently, development for the 1st Listening for Aquatic Mammals in Latin America Meeting (LAMLA) is underway.

Passive acoustic monitoring is used to investigate several aspects of the biology and ecology of aquatic mammals. In recent decades, it has become a widely used method by experts from all over the globe. Some significant advances have been made in the development of this field in Latin American countries. However, the field of aquatic mammal bioacoustics remains underdeveloped in Latina America, despite the huge diversity of aquatic mammals, resulting in gaps in the current scientific knowledge of species, habitats and conservation threats. A clearer picture of passive acoustic monitoring effort, techniques used, target species and habitats is necessary in order to define priority lines of work. The aim of LAMLA is to bring the aquatic mammal acoustic research community together, facilitating collaborative work and collective decision-making.

A survey is currently open to collect baseline information of passive acoustic monitoring efforts and aquatic mammal bioacoustics research in Latin America as the first step in organizing the 1st LAMLA. In order to identify interest and potential participants from research groups working within Latin America, we kindly invite one representative from each research group to complete our diagnostic questionnaire: Take Survey.

The online survey will be available until mid-December, 2015.

If you have any further questions, please contact Artur Andriolo, who is a member of the LAMLA Organizing Committee.

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