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 Environmental Big Data

Trends & Innovations

30th nov. & 1st dec.  2017

Univ Toulon, city center (10 min walk from fast train station)

Talks, demonstrations, panel sessions

Free but required registration

  1. Call for paper : 2 to 4 pages papers in NIPS format can be submitted until the 25th of november. If accepted after peer review they will be presented at the panel session and by poster.
  2. Description

This workshop aims to demonstrate the needs and realisation of low latency, long term, big data monitoring of the biodiversity, by leveraging advances in IoT, versatil microcontrollers, and advanced machine learning (e.g. deep learning).

Continuous monitoring of ecosystems can be achieved by recording and analysing their acoustic environment, or soundscape, which is the expression of the habitat quality, richness and biodiversity. Managing big acoustic data streams requires specialized tools to classify the scenes and detect/recognise the different components, e.g. biophony, geophony and anthropophony.

Invited speakers are key scientists and decision-makers in this field. The first day will be devoted to terrestrial applications focusing on individual species, birds, frogs, bees, and on soundscape monitoring. The second day will set the spotlight on aquatic biodiversity assessment in rivers, lakes and oceans.

Discussions will be filmed and proceedings published into an academic edition (CNRS Ed).

Free Registration is required and must be done before November 21th (extended). Registration is free and includes access to the lunch buffet. To register click here and register via MADICS




30th November 9:15 to 17:30

R. Marxer Pr. assoc.

& H. Glotin Pr.


Big Data Deep learning

Opening, context on Big Data, EADM, and

VIHAR : Vocal Interactivity in-and-between humans animals and robots  

Pr G. Pavan,


Bioacoustic Env. Survey

Expert in bioacoustics, dir. CIBRA, Dept. Earth & Environment Science, Univ.  of Pavia, Italy

Large scale Soundscape monitoring & conservation in natural habitats & agroecosystems

10:00 coffee break

V. Gies,

Pr. assoc. U.Toulon

IoT for Env. survey

Director of IoT Platform of UTLN for env. survey

Advances in Embedded Interface Computing : JASON and Qualilife

DR G. Arnold,

CNRS R. Dir. Emeritus

Env. Survey

Evolution, génomes, comportement, écologie (EGCE) Gif-sur-Yvette & Inst. com. CNRS (ISCC), Honeybee biologist -

JASON for advanced hive monitoring

12:30 Lunch break (open free buffet)

Dr. T. Lengagne,



Expert in light pollution, head of ANR ALLAN for light & sound pollution monitoring at national scale

A National program of Light Pollution monitoring on fauna

Allain Bougrain-Dubourg, Nature Production


Président LPO, Dir Nature Prod,  Discussion

16:00 coffee break

Dr. A. Simard,

Quebec, Canada

Env. Survey

Resp. Environnement studies & Advanced Tech at Québec Minist. CA

Instauring a biodiversity monitoring project in Québec, Canada

Dr. C. Audoly,

head research lab of Naval Group

Env. Survey

Noise pollution in the ocean in relation with transport and marine renewables - assessment methodology

Dinner on the port (Attendees are welcome to join speakers at their own expenses)

1st December 9:00 to 17:00

Pr. H. Glotin,


Big Data Deep learning

Dir. INP UTLN, DYNI team, Env. Acoust. Data Mining (EADM) CNRS MADICS

Large scale bioacoustics & machine learning from unknown species: from Magellan to Baikal

R. Balestriero,

Researcher, USA

Big Data Deep learning

Houston,Rice Univ.,Research assoc.

Inversion of Deepnet & semi-supervised learning for environmental survey

10:00 coffee break

V. Roger,

Research assoc. Univ. Toulon

Big Data Deep learning

Semi supervised Conv. Deep Learning on recording in Arctic of Narwal: big passive acoustic monitoring of unknown species

H. Goeau,


Big Data  Deep learning

Deep learning for Biodiversity monitoring, LifeClef Lab : Whale Photo Id tracking,

1500 Bird Species monitoring,,

Plant net,

Lunch break (open free buffet)

Dr. F. Sarano,

Longitude 181


Oceanographer, former scientist of Cousteau expeditions,

Advanced bioacoustic Study of Physeter macrocephalus by high velocity JASON sampler

Pr. M. Asch

CNRS & Total

Big Data assimilation

Dir. interdisciplinary research program of Total SA

Whale survey by inversion model and HPC

16:00 coffee break

Dr. E. Bruno

Vice Pres. Numeric Univ. Toulon

IoT for Env. survey

A global communication Network in Polynesia for large scale Env. Monitoring with Lora and LTE net

O. Arnaud

Conservatoire du Littoral

Env. Survey

Dir. Conservatoire du Rayol, pilot studies

Online Bioacoustics & Citizen Science - Discussion

Subjects to be exposed, and discussed in panel sessions (not exhaustive):

Orca Long term Monitoring in 5 D in Vancouver 

Survey of megafauna, example of Astrophysic Meust Obs + Bombyx sonobuoy for an anticollision RT systems

Cachalot language ? High velocity monitoring

F. Sarano et al.

Lux-acoustics in Coral Reef by Tara and Dyni

Amazon River Dolphin monitoring : JASON 2016 and 2017, 5 months of high velocity monitoring in Pacaya reserve, application to bipop survey and climate change

1500 Bird Species monitoring

Plant net : a big data biodiversity indexer

Bees monitoring with advanced STIC

Alpin reserve soundscapes and biodiversity

Project of Baikal biodiversity monitoring : monitoring of fresh water seals with deep learning

Organizing committee

Marxer, Gies, Pavan, Reymond, Barthelemy, Schaffar, Hugel, Precioso, Glotin


Contact / info :