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12th - 13th October 2017, HSE, Moscow

Co-organised by Institut Mines-Télécom,

& Haut Collège d’Économie de Moscou (HSE),

in association with Ambassade de France in Russia,

Hub French Tech Moscow, INRIA & GDR CNRS MADICS

October 12th

HSE, 20 Myasnitskaya str., room 311

9:00-9:15 - Registration

9:15-9:45 - Opening session

Aurelien Leynet (Ambassade de France en Russie, FR), Boris Zhelezov (HSE, RF)


9:45-11:45 - Session 1 - A scope of Big Data

Hervé Glotin (EADM MADICS, LIS Toulon, FR)

Bioacoustic Deep Learning: Best Classifier of the 1500 Species BirdLifeClef Challenge & Bird Survey in Polluted Areas.

Marion Poupard (EADM MADICS, LIS Toulon, FR)

Bioacoustic Big Data & Long Term Monitoring of Marine Mammals, from Med. Sea to Baikal.

Olga Gorchinskaya (FORS Group, RF)

Big Data & Wearable Devices for Parkinson’s Disease.

Vladimir Efimushkin (Central Science Research Telecom. Inst., RF)

Big Data in Software Defined Network.

Alexander Boukhanovsky, N. Butakov, D. Nasonov, S. Ivanov, S. Kovalchuk, A. Visheratin (ITMO Univ., RF)

Smart Big Data Infrastructures for Domain-Specific Problems: Concept & Applications.

Mikhail Belyayev (Skolkovo Inst. of Science & Technology, RF)

Semantic Segmentation of Medical Images with Deep Learning Methods.

11:45-12:15 – Break

12:15 -14:15 - Session 2 - Methods & Tools for Big Data (1/2)

Stéphan Clémençon (Télécom ParisTech / Inst. Mines-Télécom, FR)

Methods for the Detection of Anomalies & Weak Signals.

Aurélien Bellet (INRIA, FR)

Decentralized Collaborative Machine Learning over Networks.

Peter Golubtsov (Lomonosov Moscow State Univ., RF)

Specific Features of Big Data Processing & the Concept of Information.

Florence d'Alché (Télécom ParisTech / Inst. Mines-Télécom, FR)

Efficient Complex Output Prediction.

Cédric du Mouza (CNAM, FR)

Scalable Graph Algorithms.

Dmitry Vetrov (HSE, RF)

Deep Bayes: Compressing & Regularizing Deep Net using Variational Dropout.

14:15 -15:00 - Lunch

15:00 – 17:15 - Session 3 - Methods & Tools for Big Data (2/2)

Boris Mirkin, M. Tokmakov (HSE, RF), V. Makarenkov (Univ. Quebec, CA), R. Amorim (Univ. Essex, UK)

Capturing Number of Clusters in K-means with Equivalent Criterion, Affinity propagation & Ward agglomeration.

Sergei Nechaev (Interdisciplinary Scientific Cent. Poncelet, RF)

Collective Effects in Random Graphs & Social Behavior Beyond the Schelling Model.

Pavel Sulimov, A. Kertesz-Farkas (HSE, RF)

High-dimensional Generative Probabilistic Models for Peptide-spectrum Matching in Tandem Mass Spectrometry.

Antoine Chambille (ActiveViam, FR)
In-Memory Computing to Make the Business Faster.

Tatiana Makhalova, S. Kuznetsov (HSE, RF)

Rule-Based Classification Approach: Closed Item Sets vs Random Forests.

Nataliia Bielova (INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, FR)

Tracking, Profiling & Discriminating users on the Web.

Denis Ismagilov (Innopolis Special Economic Zone, RF)

Topic TBA.

18:00 - Reception at the French Embassy

October 13th

20 Myasnitskaya str., Room 102

9:00-10:15 - Session 4 - The Impact of Big Data (1/2)

Yury Maximov  (Skolkovo Inst. of Science & Tech., RF)

Rademacher Complexity Bounds for a Penalized Multiclass Semi-Supervised Algorithm.

Anne-Sophie Taillandier (Teralab / Inst. Mines-Télécom, FR)

Secure Cloud Platform.

Alexander Shapoval (HSE / Inst. Physique du Globe de Paris, FR & RF)

Is the Current Sea Level Rise Unprecedented ?

Evgeny Burnaev (Skolkovo Inst. of Science & Tech., IITP RAS, HSE, RF)

Machine Learning in Industrial Analytics.

10:15-10:30 - Break


10:30-12:00 - Session 5 - The Impact of Big Data (2/2)

F. Aleskerov, Natalia Meshcheryakova, S. Shvydun (HSE, RF)

Simplification of Large Networks.

Mikhail Parfentev (Analytical Center for the Gov. of RF, RF)

Open Data in the Era of Digital Economy.

Dilara Khannanova (FactSet SARL, RF)

Big Data goes smart: Data Challenges in Financial Industry.

Elizaveta Prokofyeva, S. Maltseva (HSE, RF)

Modeling Demand for Services in the Healthcare Facilities using Big Data Techniques.

Joo Young Lee (Innopolis Univ., RF)

Topic TBA.

12:00-13:00 - Session 6 - European & int. calls for grants on Big Data

Pierre Simay (Inst. Res. & Innovation Coop. Manager / IMT / nat. PoC H2020 ICT, FR), Loïc Charlot, Maxime Baconnet (Ambassade de France en Russie, FR)

The objective of the session is to give an overview of the funding landscape for Big Data under the Horizon 2020 program (European Commission), as well as presenting other programs for research and innovation cooperation between EU/France and Russia. We will also introduce bilateral tools/programmes to support mobility, Phd students and researchers between Russia and France.

13:00-14:00 - Lunch

14:00-17:00 - Session 7 - Big Data in Retailing

Antoine Chambille (ActiveViam, FR)

Demonstration: In-Memory Analytics - Operating a real-time Control Tower for a Global Retailer.

Arnaud Trousset (Retail Intelligence Location Solutions, FR)

The use of Big Data to Optimize the Process of Expansion for Retail Industry.

Jérôme Baray (Univ. Paris XII, FR)

Big Data for Optimizing Business Strategies in Retail Industry.

Il'ya Gubarev (Yandex, RF)

How to Know your Customer Better ?

Marina Kholod (Plekhanov Russian Univ. of Economics, RF)

Application of POS & RFID-data Analytics for Retail Management.

Dmitry Shostko (MTS, RF)

Data Monetization in Retail & Telecom area Through Big Data IT Platform.

Anastasia Grigoreva (X5 Retail Group, RF)

Machine Learning and Expertise - the Key to Success of Targeted Marketing.

16:00-17:00 - Panel session

17:00-17:30 - Closing session



Maysnitskaya street, 20 - How to get there?

·         Metro station «Lubyanka»:

Exit to Myasnitskaya Ulitsa, which you should follow. The destination will be on your right. Estimated travel time: 8 minutes.

·         Metro stations «Chistiye Prudy», «Sretensky Bulvar» and «Turgenevskaya»:

Exit to Myasnitskaya Ulitsa, which you should follow towards the city center. The destination will be on your left. Estimated travel time: 7 minutes.

·         Metro station «Kitay-Gorod»:

Exit to Maroseyka Ulitsa, which you should follow for 100 meters, then turn right onto Bolshoy Zlatoustinskiy Pereulok (350 meters), and then bear right onto Myasnitskaya Ulitsa, which you should follow for 150 meters. The destination will be on your right. Estimated travel time: 10 minutes.

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